ASKfm Named as Official Sponsor of Safer Internet Day 2015

Site Unveils #NoBullies Social Media Campaign to Encourage Internet Users to Take a Stand Against Online Abuse

DUBLIN, Feb. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ASKfm, the world’s largest Q&A social network, today announced its participation as a proud sponsor of Safer Internet Day 2015, an annual global event held on February 10, 2015, dedicated to making the Internet better for everyone.

Hosted at Facebook’s Silicon Valley campus, the US event, “Safer Internet Day 2015: Actions and Activism Toward a Better Net and World,” is coordinated by ConnectSafely, a leading voice in producing research-based resources aimed at helping Internet users make safer choices online. The event will feature ASKfm digital safety leadership along with youth leaders, educators, policy makers, parents and peers from world-renowned technology brands to focus on strategies for creating a better, more positive Internet. ASKfm Chief Trust and Safety Officer, Catherine Teitelbaum, is scheduled to participate on the “Beyond Bullying: Dealing with Trolling and Social Cruelty” panel.

“ConnectSafely is delighted that ASKfm is joining us in celebrating Safer Internet Day,” said ConnectSafely co-founder and ASKfm Advisory Board member Anne Collier. “This more than decade-old awareness raising campaign is really taking off in the US, so it’s fitting that ASKfm, now under US ownership, is celebrating the day with student activists, educators and fellow social media services, right here in Silicon Valley.”

In conjunction with Safer Internet Day 2015, ASKfm has unveiled StopBullying.US, a site dedicated specifically to its #nobullies social media campaign and Safer Internet Day 2015 overall. With #nobullies, ASKfm invites both its user community and the Internet at large to help raise awareness of and take a stand against bullying in all its forms. Participating is as simple as promoting the hashtag #nobullies on any social media platform of choice. The campaign will be heavily promoted to millions of people throughout the ASKfm site and app, as well as across ASKfm and parent company social media channels.

ASKfm users are also encouraged to use the site’s Q&A format to pose positive questions, such as “Did you know how much I admire you?” to spread kindness, and incorporate the #nobullies hashtag in responses.

“This is ASKfm’s first Safer Internet Day under new leadership, and our goal is not only to contribute to the dialogue in a meaningful way, but to use it as a stepping stone for inviting our user community to participate in our vision – that ASKfm is a place for fruitful exploration, not bullies,” said Catherine Teitelbaum, head of safety and trust at ASKfm. “We realize getting there will take time, and each day we are wholly focused on the hard work of making ASKfm a safer and more positive place. The #nobullies campaign extends this commitment by allowing people everywhere to engage in our evolution and the broader conversation.”

ASKfm’s involvement in Safer Internet Day 2015 comes on the heels of a number of safety investments and milestones, including investments in moderation and filtering technology that have expanded the team by 20 percent and the volume of content moderated by human review by 40 percent. Most recently, ASKfm announced the formation of the company’s first ever safety advisory board of the world’s top thinkers and digital safety experts.

To learn more about ASKfm’s Safer Internet Day 2015 campaign, as well as the company’s recent efforts to make ASKfm a safer and more positive experience, please visit StopBullying.US.

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