ASKfm launches a new feature for schoolchildren

In December 2017 ASKfm, the world’s largest Q&A platform, launched a new “Schools” functionality in the United Kingdom and Russia. Available on all ASKfm platforms, the feature makes it easier for British and Russian kids to get in touch with their schoolmates and exchange questions and answers openly or anonymously within their schools.

Teenagers tend to care most about the opinion of their friends and classmates. Hence, ASKfm now allows them to socialize by addressing all users from their schools or smaller groups that are to be added in the future. To get an advantage of the new feature, one simply needs to add his school to the Bio section.

Some students have already tried the new ASKfm feature and are ready to share their first impressions:

“This is better than Facebook groups. Now I can ask questions to my classmates I was too shy to ask in person before.” (Emma, 14 y.o.)

“It seems to be a cool way to make friends.” (Oliver, 15 y.o.)

With the prioritized safety measures, ASKfm offers the most secure and fun way for schoolchildren to build up their social circles.