The new ASKfm web look

On October 26, 2017, ASKfm, the world’s largest Q&A social network, released a new modern web look. The new web version is distinguished by a darker color solution, focus on the user’s feed and emphasis on the most important blocks.

Changes to the web interface did not occur in one day. ASKfm gradually changed various user interface components, e.g., added a new composing button, optimized feed size and applied higher contrast font styles for a better readability.

“Last year we were thinking a lot about our browser version. Whole interface was consisting of similar blocks looking equally important – but some parts are always more important than others. So our aim was to make the hierarchy clearer, at the same time keeping similar look and feel our users are used to”, says Tomas Jundo, Design Lead at ASKfm.

The new web version is built around the user’s feed. The updated darker look puts it in the center, at same time keeping other stuff easily accessible but visually secondary. Same logic applies to other ASKfm parts as well – wherever the user is, the most important stuff is right in the focus.

“One of the biggest challenges was to keep the current amount of themes and make them look good on dark backgrounds”, Tomas says. “We designed special intensified color for each theme, at the same time keeping the default colors that users are used to”.

The current web look is a cleaner and more sophisticated version of ASKfm, thus taking the design of this social network to a new level.