#Back2ASKfm! 1 000 000 millennials in quarantine returned to their Ask.fm accounts.

Since March 16, Twitter & Instagram users began to massively publish tweets about returning to the legendary application of our childhood, ASKfm.

Someone feels shame while reading old answers, someone laughs at himself 5 years ago, and someone rediscovers our changing social network.

1 mln Millennials and Gen Z bring back ASKfm while staying at home/during quarantine due to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The application reached the 1st place in the App Store in less than 24 hours and the 2nd place in Google Play in 36 hours in Mexico.

If you have been hibernated for these years, then catch brief information about what’s new in ASKfm:

  • Coins ? They appeared in the app at the end of 2018 and immediately became popular in domestic currencies. What to do with them? Save, give, earn.
  • VIP-program ? This is a closed community where you can register using the link. All accounts are checked automatically. And if your account meets all the requirements, then you become a member of a cool community whose users are promoted inside the application. And also provide access to exclusive functions:
  1. Secret answers ? (How you lacked this feature in 2014!) Now VIP+ users can hide any answer to a question and set the price for unlocking (even up to 1000 coins). You will also know who discovered and read your secret and you can earn on it.
  2. Tracker of progress ⏳ It looks so beautiful, that we have wanted to become a VIP and count how many questions and answers we have done this week.

Also, the application has a Shoutout function. You can ask a question to many people around you. Ideal to find out what people in your city are doing in quarantine.