New ASKfm Feature: Answer Thread

ASKfm, the global Q&A network with more than 215 million users, launched its brand new “Answer Thread” feature on  February 5, 2018. The feature is now available on all platforms around the world.

In our recent survey, 76% of ASKfm members stated that they want to be able to pose specifying questions and to carry on discussions in the posts that interest them most. ASKfm took users’ feedback to heart and has now responded with the “Answer Thread”. This feature allows users to pose an unlimited number of questions, receive an unlimited amount of answers, and to accommodate an unlimited number of participants in any one thread. To take part in the conversation, users need only to click on the corresponding icon under a given answer and then ask another question.


As always, ASKfm’s distinctive features of anonymity and in allowing users to select questions for posting remain and can be found in the new feature. Anyone wanting to join in on the “Answer Thread” can decide for himself whether to do so anonymously or openly, and those who receive additional questions choose whether to answer them or skip them.

ASKfm’s new feature allows users to post a variety of conversations, share opinions and to keep their discussions on topic. “Answer Thread” is an exciting new addition – perfect for anyone who enjoys communication without limitation.