Transparency Report

See Transparency Report effective before 2021-10-04.

Effective Date: 2021-10-04


ASKfm is aimed to be a safe place where people can get a portion of personal attention and freely express themselves by asking and answering questions. Our important task is to make our platform secure and protected, where people get what they want without facing any maleficent content or threats.

This report outlines the findings of the analysis of 2020 data.

Safety Value

The ASKfm team is dedicated to making the user experience as positive as possible. Our content philosophy is introduced in Community Guidelines. We understand the topical realities imposing the safety requirements of the content we are responsible for. For that very reason, we reworked ASKfm Terms of Use in April 2020, clarified rules about user-generated content posted on the platform. Our Safety Center has safeguarding information and a product feature guide. It explains safety settings, privacy settings, and reporting/blocking functions. On top of activities carried out, we started rechecking historical media content that didn’t comply with the actual safety requirements.


2020 was also distinguished by new internal improvements in the Moderation team and our processes. We are focused on the quality of moderators’ decisions and their speed of work. Moderation checked 45% more violation reports per daily active user in 2020 compared to 2019, and 240% more profile reports than in 2019.

External Requests

In 2020 we received 243 requests to take actions against maleficent content on the platform from official organizations or representatives. All requests were processed and actions were taken according to our platform policy.

We are committed to escalating issues that threaten the safety of our users that may require Law Enforcement intervention. From our side, we reported 69 cases with the top priority threats to Law Enforcement. 3 of them were extremism cases in 2020.

ASKfm is open for cooperation with official organizations against threats to others or self, threats of violence, illegal activity, and content harmful to minors on the Web.

Our email for content issues is