ASKfm Launches New Safety Center

New and Improved Site Offers Expert Content, Tools and Guidelines to Enhance Safety and Combat Cyberbullying on ASKfm

DUBLIN, Feb. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ASKfm, the world’s largest Q&A social network, today announced the launch of its Safety Center, designed to empower everyone who uses ASKfm with the information, guidance and tools they need to safely navigate and enjoy the service. The launch coincides with Safer Internet Day 2015, a global event held February 10 dedicated to making the Internet better for everyone.

In line with ASKfm’s view that creating a safer product experience, especially for teens and young people, is made possible only through collaboration, the new ASKfm Safety Center features a growing roster of expert researchers and contributors in the areas of teen development, cyberbullying prevention, digital citizenship and literacy, and youth safety online. Contributors include ASKfm Advisory Board member Dr. Justin Patchin of the CyberBullying Research Center in the US, and, a leading research-based resource for helping Internet users make safer choices, co-founded by ASKfm Advisory Board member Anne Collier.

“We wanted to go beyond status quo with our Safety Center, and create a reliable resource for teens, their families, educators and law enforcement,” said Catherine Teitelbaum, head of safety and trust at ASKfm. “Our goal is to offer both easy-to-read actionable information and research-based perspective on the complex issues digitally native teens face today. The new Safety Center is a meaningful step in creating the collaborative environment necessary for achieving ASKfm’s safety vision.”

The Safety Center offers granular detail on product safety tools, including how to turn off anonymous questions, blocking and reporting other users, and how to control public profiles. The Safety Center will also include a Safety Blog featuring insight from ASKfm safety leadership, including Chief Trust and Safety Officer Catherine Teitelbaum; Annie Mullins OBE, head of digital safety operations in the EU; and Kathy Ciari, the team’s newly-appointed head of ASKfm customer advocacy.

“ASKfm’s collaborative approach to safety is echoed throughout the Safety Center with contributed content from a team of external digital safety experts,” said Marsali Hancock, ASKfm Safety Board member and Safety Center contributor. “The variety of perspectives from contributors, specific to ASKfm’s audiences and their interests, helps ensure that ASKfm is delivering the most useful and relevant information to users.”

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