ASKfm Revamps Platform to Make Q&A More Expressive and Engaging for 150 Million Global Users

DUBLIN, Jan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ASKfm, the world’s largest social platform for Q&A, today launched a brand refresh and new product experience for its website and mobile app, now available on both Android and iOS. The new ASKfm includes a revamped interface aimed at sparking light-hearted exchange and providing its global monthly user base of 150 million teens and millennials with a richer content experience, as well as new tools to express themselves in a variety of ways.

“Young people on ASKfm show incredible engagement – the bulk of the 18 billion questions asked over the past year were answered within a minute,” said Andrea Cutright, COO of ASKfm. “We saw an opportunity to dramatically evolve the ASKfm experience to foster the instantaneous communication, creativity and connection that reflects how our users view the platform.”

Announced today as part of the new ASKfm experience:

  • Find and connect with friends more easily. More than 75 percent of ASKfm users interact with people they know in real life and the new ASKfm makes it easier than ever to invite and engage with friends. Users can now invite friends to join ASKfm conversations via text message, and allows for tagging and exchange between users through @mentions.
  • A fresh look and feel. The new experience is awash with bright colors, featuring bold hues of orange, blue, yellow and green, and offering a youthful feel more aligned with its core user base. A new mascot, OwlCat, embodies the fun, curious and playful nature of ASKfm with his wide eyes and cute features.
  • More tools to showcase your unique personality. ASKfm now includes an integration with GIPHY, the world’s largest and best GIF library, allowing ASKfm users to browse, search and select from millions of GIFs in response to questions. In addition, users can add a photo to the banner behind their profile, which comes into sharp focus when another user swipes down on the profile picture. On iOS, double tapping a post to “like” it now brings up a dancing heart icon, designed to amplify positivity among users.
  • Richer environment for browsing and sharing content. Soon after launch, the ASKfm “Question of the Day” feature will be programmed by a hand-picked selection of Vine stars, including Rickey Thompson, DSharp, and Marcus Perez, thanks to an integration with Collab, a premier digital content studio and development partner for social media creators. This content will be updated daily and promoted across US ASKfm user feeds. A new “Grab n’ Ask” feature will also fuel new conversations by allowing users to easily share questions they find interesting with their friends.
  • Enhanced safety controls. Safety remains the top priority for the site and ASKfm continues to update guidelines and introduce features that keep users squarely in control when it comes to how they want to ask and answer questions. A toggle allows users to decide whether or not to accept anonymous questions at anytime.

Visit the new ASKfm or download it for free for iPhone and Android at: Check out our video to learn more.

About ASKfm
Owned and operated by IAC, ASKfm is the world’s largest Q&A social network where more than 150 million members in more than 150 countries connect and engage by asking each other questions. ASKfm is dedicated to infusing the service with robust safety controls and features so that our users can be in the driver’s seat to dictate their ideal experience. For more information, please visit our Safety Center, which empowers everyone who uses the site with the information, guidance and tools they need to safely navigate and enjoy ASKfm.

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